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Added text covering library versioning to README.developers.

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......@@ -53,11 +53,33 @@ For all releases, the version should be changed in
and committed to Darcs/CVS before making the release package. The person
doing the release is responsible for updating the version number.
Library interface versions
Sofia-SIP libraries utilize libtool interface versioning. See
The interface versions are set in top-level '' file.
Additionally, the SONAME version (CURRENT-AGE) is set in the
same place. These version numbers are available for use as autoconf
variables (see the library '' files and
All changes to the library versions should be marked to the
appropriate library 'ChangeLog' file. The library version should
be changed at the same time as the first interface change is
commmitted since the previous release. The interface version is
frozen (should be marked to the 'ChangeLog' file) at the time
the next release is tagged (in other words, intra-release changes
need not be tracked with libtool versions).
The goal should always be to avoid breaking the API/ABIs until
absolutely necessary. Interfaces clearly marked as private can
be changed without change to library interface version, but
otherwise all public functions, types, variables and definitions
fall under interface change control.
Version control tags
......@@ -83,6 +105,7 @@ Notes (*):
Sending patches
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