Commit 5b0f83fb authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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nta.c: fixed memory corruption in case sending ACK failed

Thanks for Fabio Margarido for reporting this problem.

parent f3e2e3ef
......@@ -6375,7 +6375,7 @@ static size_t outgoing_timer_c(outgoing_queue_t *q,
char const *timer,
su_duration_t now);
static void outgoing_ack(nta_outgoing_t *orq, msg_t *msg, sip_t *sip);
static void outgoing_ack(nta_outgoing_t *orq, sip_t *sip);
static msg_t *outgoing_ackmsg(nta_outgoing_t *, sip_method_t, char const *,
tagi_t const *tags);
static void outgoing_retransmit(nta_outgoing_t *orq);
......@@ -8319,7 +8319,7 @@ int outgoing_recv(nta_outgoing_t *orq,
else {
/* Final response */
if (status >= 300 && !internal)
outgoing_ack(orq, msg, sip);
outgoing_ack(orq, sip);
if (!orq->orq_completed) {
if (outgoing_complete(orq))
......@@ -8517,7 +8517,7 @@ static int outgoing_duplicate(nta_outgoing_t *orq,
/** @internal ACK to a final response (300..699).
* These messages are ACK'ed via the original URL (and tport)
void outgoing_ack(nta_outgoing_t *orq, msg_t *msg, sip_t *sip)
void outgoing_ack(nta_outgoing_t *orq, sip_t *sip)
nta_outgoing_t *ack;
msg_t *ackmsg;
......@@ -8548,7 +8548,7 @@ void outgoing_ack(nta_outgoing_t *orq, msg_t *msg, sip_t *sip)
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