Commit 608d59f9 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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Fixed timing problem when testing nat binding change.

parent a6f68a2c
......@@ -1887,7 +1887,8 @@ int test_nat_timeout(struct context *ctx)
test_nat_flush(ctx->nat); /* Break our connections */
run_a_until(ctx, -1, save_until_special);
/* Run until we get final response to REGISTER */
run_a_until(ctx, -1, save_until_final_response);
TEST_1(e = a->specials->head);
TEST_E(e->data->e_event, nua_i_outbound);
......@@ -1895,14 +1896,13 @@ int test_nat_timeout(struct context *ctx)
TEST_S(e->data->e_phrase, "NAT binding changed");
run_a_until(ctx, -1, save_until_final_response);
free_events_in_list(ctx, a->specials);
TEST_1(e = a->events->head);
TEST_E(e->data->e_event, nua_r_register);
TEST(e->data->e_status, 200);
free_events_in_list(ctx, a->specials);
free_events_in_list(ctx, a->events);
if (print_headings)
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