Commit 64c8de2f authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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Fixed the internal type of statistics

parent 5574bccf
......@@ -257,32 +257,32 @@ struct nta_agent_s
/* Statistics */
struct {
uint32_t as_recv_msg;
uint32_t as_recv_request;
uint32_t as_recv_response;
uint32_t as_bad_message;
uint32_t as_bad_request;
uint32_t as_bad_response;
uint32_t as_drop_request;
uint32_t as_drop_response;
uint32_t as_client_tr;
uint32_t as_server_tr;
uint32_t as_dialog_tr;
uint32_t as_acked_tr;
uint32_t as_canceled_tr;
uint32_t as_trless_request;
uint32_t as_trless_to_tr;
uint32_t as_trless_response;
uint32_t as_trless_200;
uint32_t as_merged_request;
uint32_t as_sent_msg;
uint32_t as_sent_request;
uint32_t as_sent_response;
uint32_t as_retry_request;
uint32_t as_retry_response;
uint32_t as_recv_retry;
uint32_t as_tout_request;
uint32_t as_tout_response;
usize_t as_recv_msg;
usize_t as_recv_request;
usize_t as_recv_response;
usize_t as_bad_message;
usize_t as_bad_request;
usize_t as_bad_response;
usize_t as_drop_request;
usize_t as_drop_response;
usize_t as_client_tr;
usize_t as_server_tr;
usize_t as_dialog_tr;
usize_t as_acked_tr;
usize_t as_canceled_tr;
usize_t as_trless_request;
usize_t as_trless_to_tr;
usize_t as_trless_response;
usize_t as_trless_200;
usize_t as_merged_request;
usize_t as_sent_msg;
usize_t as_sent_request;
usize_t as_sent_response;
usize_t as_retry_request;
usize_t as_retry_response;
usize_t as_recv_retry;
usize_t as_tout_request;
usize_t as_tout_response;
} sa_stats[1];
/** Hash of dialogs. */
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