Commit 6b8fa245 authored by Michael Jerris's avatar Michael Jerris
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register fix

parent 3ce69c1b
......@@ -223,6 +223,7 @@ char const *nua_event_name(nua_event_t event)
case nua_i_cancel: return "nua_i_cancel";
case nua_i_ack: return "nua_i_ack";
case nua_i_register: return "nua_i_register";
case nua_i_fork: return "nua_i_fork";
case nua_i_active: return "nua_i_active";
case nua_i_terminated: return "nua_i_terminated";
......@@ -297,7 +298,6 @@ char const *nua_callstate_name(enum nua_callstate state)
case nua_callstate_ready: return "ready";
case nua_callstate_terminating: return "terminating";
case nua_callstate_terminated: return "terminated";
case nua_i_register: return "nua_i_register";
default: return "UNKNOWN";
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