Commit 7592d2e5 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi

Updated CVS with darcs. See ChangeLog for details.

parent d55ffd95
2006-05-02 Pekka Pessi <>
* sresolv module:
* Updated sresolv API.
Added sres_search() and sres_search_cached_answers() to the
sresolv API. Added sres_blocking_search(). Added ignore_cache
parameter to sres_blocking_query() and
sres_blocking_query_sockaddr() prototypes. Renumbered
SRES_TIMEOUT_ERR and SRES_RECORD_ERR so that they do not overlap
with transaction signature errors. Added sres_record_type().
* Updated sresolv documentation.
* Making cache threadsafe and locking it during sres_cache_store().
Problem reported by Thomas Rosenblatt.
* Moved sip-dig from libsofia-sip-ua/sresolv/ to utils.
* Updated utils/sip-dig.c manpage and -p option handling.
* Added text about preloading and stack use to su/su_alloc.c.
* Fixed handle leaks in nua_test.c.
Added delay before nua_shutdown() in order to ease debugging.
* Fixed nua handle reference counting problems in nua module.
Problem reported by Colin Whittaker.
* Updated documentation of auc_authorize() in iptsec/auth_client.c.
* Added null pointer check to auc_authorize() in iptsec/auth_client.c.
Patch proposed by Colin Whittaker.
* Destroying session when initial INVITE is CANCELed.
Patch proposed by Colin Whittaker.
2006-04-27 Pekka Pessi <>
* sresolv module:
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