Commit 771fdd36 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi

sres.c: default log level to the same as SU_DEBUG define

Patch by Michael Jerris

parent 525de315
......@@ -563,12 +563,16 @@ static int m_get_domain(char *d, int n, sres_message_t *m, uint16_t offset);
#ifndef SU_DEBUG
#define SU_DEBUG 3
/**Debug log for @b sresolv module.
* The sresolv_log is the log object used by @b sresolv module. The level of
* #sresolv_log is set using #SRESOLV_DEBUG environment variable.
su_log_t sresolv_log[] = { SU_LOG_INIT("sresolv", "SRESOLV_DEBUG", 3) };
su_log_t sresolv_log[] = { SU_LOG_INIT("sresolv", "SRESOLV_DEBUG", SU_DEBUG) };
/** Internal errors */
enum {
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