Commit 7e8db812 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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nua_session.c: default to initiate session refreshes

Use local refresher unless remote end explicitly indicates that it takes
care of refreshing the session. Bug reported and initial patch by Timo

parent 45a398f7
......@@ -4428,10 +4428,9 @@ void session_timer_negotiate(struct session_timer *t)
t->refresher = nua_local_refresher;
else if (t->remote.refresher == nua_remote_refresher)
t->refresher = nua_remote_refresher;
else if (t->local.refresher == nua_local_refresher)
t->refresher = nua_local_refresher;
t->refresher = nua_remote_refresher;
/* Default to initiate refreshes */
t->refresher = nua_local_refresher;
t->interval = t->remote.expires;
if (t->interval == 0)
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