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Final commit for 1.11.9. Updated RELEASE, version to 1.11.9.

parent 70fb4b45
......@@ -5,20 +5,21 @@ Release notes for current version of Sofia-SIP
Changes since last release
<changes since last written in "Changes:" style;
and in less than 10 lines />
Minor interface changes to many modules in preparation of the upcoming
library API/ABI freeze. The glib/gobject API has been updated. Bug fixes
and minor improvements have been made to SIP user-agent logic, DNS
resolving, URL handling and network transport code.
API/ABI changes and versioning
<see previous release notes at for examples ;
- should include all changes to public headers, and
other important information to developers;
- and should be updated _continuously_! />
- Added sip_route_reverse_as() and sip_route_fixdup_as().
- sdp_rtp.h: file was removed.
- Now not generating nua_i_state when a response to PRACK is received,
if the response to PRACK did not change the call state.
- Auth plugin interface added for client side use. Added sofia-sip/auth_client_plugin.h,
modified sofia-sip/auth_client.h.
- nua_glib: Changes in object properties.
......@@ -33,32 +34,24 @@ API/ABI changes and versioning
Contributors to this release
<list of people who contributed to _this_ release
- update as people's patches are added, or when
you commit stuff
- name of the contributor should be enough
- Colin Whittaker <>
- Michael Jerris <>
- Thomas Rosenblatt <>
See the AUTHORS file in the distribution package, too.
Notes on new features
<information about major new features
- new/changed/removed functionality
- links to further documentation
- Added 'localinfo' tool to VC6/win32 build.
- The 'stunc' STUN tester tool is now installed to '{prefix}/bin/'.
- Lots of updates to the nua_glib module (the glib/gobject based
interface to Sofia-SIP).
- Also many updates to the sresolv module (async DNS resolver).
Bugs fixed in this release
< notable bugs fixed in this release
- check the bug tracker; see closed bugs,
sorted by closing date
- other bugs as fixed in CVS/darcs
- Problems in cross-platform support: win32/mingw, win32/VC6, OSX
and systems with old versions of glib.
- Bugs in sofia-sip rpm spec file.
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ dnl information on the package
dnl ---------------------------
dnl update both the version for AC_INIT and the LIBSOFIA_SIP_UA_MAJOR_MINOR
AC_INIT([sofia-sip], [1.11.8work])
AC_INIT([sofia-sip], [1.11.9])
dnl Includedir specific to this sofia version
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