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Add direct doxygen links to the public STUN APIs.

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......@@ -11,19 +11,23 @@ client library.
@section stun_contents Contents of stun Module
The stun module contains the public header files as follows:
- <stun.h> the public API of the module
- <stun_common.h> low-level functions for parsing and encoding STUN messages
- <stun_tag.h> defines the su tags used by stun
@section stun_usage Using Sofia STUN Library
To be written. See torture_stun.c and tport/tport.c.
@section todo Todo
- split stun.c into smaller files (added 20060322)
- implement full support for STUN_REQUIRE_INTEGRITY() - IOW,
always try TLS, but only in strict mode fail the discovery if
TLS is not available (added 20060209)
- add support for STUN_DOMAIN() tag (added 20060209); see
- output a summary of results at the end of
stund_bind_test() (added 20051118)
- stun_bind_test does not detect, if the server does
_not_ honor the change-{address,port} requests (i.e. that
response should be send from a different port/address),
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