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README.developers - Sofia-SIP development practises
This file is a collection of practices and rules for Sofia-SIP
development. If you have questions, or would like to make
changes, raise the issue on sofia-sip-devel (see ).
Important files for developers
List of contributors. When contributing new code, add
yourself to AUTHORS, and also remember to update the
per source file copyright statements.
This file.
TODO (XXX: to be added)
Not in active use yet.
*/ChangeLog files
All non-trivial changes to the source code should
be documented in the ChangeLog files.
Version numbering
Package version
For public releases, the package version is:
XXX: Policy for updating the version.
For development releases the version is:
The development version should be changed in
before making snapshot releases. The person doing the release is
responsible for updating the version number.
Library interface versions
Sending patches
People without CVS-access
Send your patches to sofia-sip-devel. Someone from the
development team (see AUTHORS) will handle the patch.
People with CVS-access
Trivial changes can be committed without review. For non-trivial
changes, you should first send a proposal to sofia-sip-devel and
wait for comments. There are no strict approval rules so use of
common sense is recommended. ;)
Tips for making patches
- test your patch on a clean CVS-checkout
- remember to run cvs update before making commits
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