Commit 974cb326 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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RELEASE: mention #1624446, #1626330

parent e2485c45
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ Contributors to this release
- **template**: First Surname (patch to nua/soa/msg)
- Petteri Puolakka (patch to stun)
- Mikhail Zabluev (patch to su-glib mainloop integration)
- Michael Jerris (patch to url)
- Michael Jerris (patch to url parsing # in sip/sips userpart)
- Colin Whittaker (TPTAG_TOS())
- Roman Filonenko (TPTAG_LOG(), TPTAG_DUMP(),
patch to query DNS-servers with IP-Helper on win32)
......@@ -129,6 +129,10 @@ Bugs fixed in this release
- **template**: #9499652 bug item title
- Fixed #1624446 - su_wait_clone() (and nua_destroy()) blocking for ever if
the root object was created using su_glib
- Fixed #1626330 - leak in nta.c which happened if INVITE never got a final
response nor timed out.
- Fixed handle leak (pthread_*_init without pthread_*_destroy). Problem
reported by Maxim Zaikin.
- Fixed crash when nua_bye() was called while a NOTIFY client transaction
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