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......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ Tags at CVS
- server info:
- tags: rel-sofia-sip-x_y_z
- stable and development releases (matches release
version sofia-sip--x.y.z)
version sofia-sip-x.y.z)
- tags: snapshot_rel_YEARMMDD
- snapshot releases at
......@@ -42,13 +42,9 @@ Making the release tarball
- tag CVS-tree with release tag: 'rel-sofia-sip-x_y_z', where
x_y_z is the version number (see README.developers)
- run 'make distcheck' (requires automake-1.7 or newer)
- calculate md5 and sha1 hashes using md5sum and sha1sum,
and copy the values to the release-notes
- release file using
- upload the resulting tar.gz file to Sourceforge
- sent the release annoucement to the mailing list (see
section below making the release notes)
- calculate md5 and sha1 hashes using md5sum and sha1sum utils,
and copy the values to the release-notes (see below)
Creating the release notes
......@@ -61,6 +57,16 @@ Creating the release notes
sfnet_www/ script at the
shell server
Uploading the release to
- use the the 'Admin' -> 'File releases' tool for
creating a new release
- to upload the file, you can use for example ncftpput:
ncftpput -u anonymous -p /incoming/ sofia-sip-x.y.z.tar.gz
- attach the release notes (relnotes-sofia-sip-x.y.z.txt)
to the file release
Announcing releases
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