Commit a01d69d6 authored by Michael Jerris's avatar Michael Jerris
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type fixes to match proto to function

parent 1ceb31fb
......@@ -210,7 +210,7 @@ TPORT_DLL tport_t *tport_tsend(tport_t *, msg_t *, tp_name_t const *,
TPORT_DLL int tport_tqueue(tport_t *, msg_t *, tag_type_t, tag_value_t, ...);
/** Return number of queued messages. */
TPORT_DLL int tport_queuelen(tport_t const *self);
TPORT_DLL isize_t tport_queuelen(tport_t const *self);
/** Send a queued message (and queue another, if required). */
TPORT_DLL int tport_tqsend(tport_t *, msg_t *, msg_t *,
......@@ -3122,7 +3122,8 @@ int tport_send_msg(tport_t *self, msg_t *msg,
struct sigcomp_compartment *cc)
msg_iovec_t *iov, auto_iov[40];
size_t iovlen, iovused, i, total, n;
size_t iovlen, iovused, i, total;
ssize_t n;
ssize_t nerror;
int sdwn_after, close_after;
su_time_t now;
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