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Refer to git in docs/release_management.txt

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......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ Sofia-SIP release management README
:Author: Kai Vehmanen <kai -dot vehmanen -at- nokia -dot- com>
:Version: 20060809-12
:Version: 20110311-01
:Formatting: reStructuredText,
......@@ -54,13 +54,14 @@ Making the release tarball
release is in the master darcs tree
- run 'make distcheck' to verify everything is ready for
release (requires automake-1.7 or newer)
- tag repos (darcs and any slave trees) with release tag
- tag repos (git and any slave trees) with release tag
'rel-sofia-sip-x_y_z', where x_y_z is the version number (see
sh> darcs tag -m"rel-sofia-sip-x_y_z"
sh> cvs tag rel-sofia-sip-x_y_z
- take a fresh checkout of the release using the release tag
sh> darcs get --tag=rel-sofia-sip-1_yy_z
sh> git tag "rel-sofia-sip-x_y_z"
- take a fresh checkout of the release using the tag in separate clone:
sh> git clone . ../release_x_y_z
sh> cd ../release_x_y_z
sh> git co rel-sofia-sip-x_y_z
- create the release tarball with "make distcheck" (make sure depcomp et
al libtool scripts are correctly created)
- calculate md5 and sha1 hashes using md5sum and sha1sum utilities,
......@@ -109,24 +110,6 @@ After release
next version will be)
- make a "tree open for development" commit
Syncing CVS and darcs (or some other VCS)
Some tips for synchronizing from/to different version controlled
- As CVS cannot trace file addition/move/removals, you need
to be extra careful with these. With darcs, you can use the
'darcs changes -v' command to track down all fileops since
last synchronization.
- Always tag the src-tree with "syncuser-fromvcs-to-tovcs-yearmmdd".
- Add a top-level ChangeLog entry that documents all the
changes made outside the target tree (what, who and when -
for example produced with the "darcs changes --summary"
Checking API/ABI compatibility
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