Commit a5688995 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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sofia-sip/hostdomain.h: added host_is_ip6_reference().

parent fc4b1c8b
......@@ -674,12 +674,17 @@ int host_is_ip6_address(char const *string)
return n > 0 && string[n] == '\0';
int host_ip6_reference(char const *string)
return host_is_ip6_reference(string);
/** Return true if @a string is valid IP6 reference,
* i.e. hex notation in square brackets.
* E.g., [::1] is a valid IP6 reference.
int host_ip6_reference(char const *string)
int host_is_ip6_reference(char const *string)
int n = span_ip6_reference(string);
return n > 0 && string[n] == '\0';
......@@ -43,13 +43,16 @@ SOFIA_BEGIN_DECLS
SOFIAPUBFUN int host_is_ip4_address(char const *string);
SOFIAPUBFUN int host_is_ip6_address(char const *string);
SOFIAPUBFUN int host_ip6_reference(char const *string);
SOFIAPUBFUN int host_is_ip6_reference(char const *string);
SOFIAPUBFUN int host_is_ip_address(char const *string);
SOFIAPUBFUN int host_is_domain(char const *string);
SOFIAPUBFUN int host_is_valid(char const *string);
SOFIAPUBFUN int host_is_local(char const *string);
SOFIAPUBFUN int host_has_domain_invalid(char const *string);
/** This is typo. @deprecated Use host_is_ip6_reference() instead. */
SOFIAPUBFUN int host_ip6_reference(char const *string);
#endif /* !defined(SOFIA_SIP_HOSTDOMAIN_H) */
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