Commit a836a423 authored by Michael Jerris's avatar Michael Jerris Committed by Pekka Pessi
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sip: fix windows MSVC build warnings

parent 4327fcf1
......@@ -81,10 +81,10 @@ typedef enum {
#define SIP_METHOD_PUBLISH sip_method_publish, "PUBLISH"
/** Magic pointer value - never valid for SIP headers. @HI */
#define SIP_NONE ((void const *)-1L)
#define SIP_NONE ((void const *)(intptr_t)-1)
/** SIP protocol identifier @HIDE */
#define SIP_PROTOCOL_TAG ((void *)0x53495020) /* 'SIP'20 */
#define SIP_PROTOCOL_TAG ((void *)(uintptr_t)0x53495020) /* 'SIP ' */
enum {
/** Default port for SIP as integer */
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