Commit a942bae2 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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nta.c: do not keep a copy of Record-Route for ACK, CANCEL, BYE, OPTIONS, INFO,...

nta.c: do not keep a copy of Record-Route for ACK, CANCEL, BYE, OPTIONS, INFO, PRACK, PUBLISH or REGISTER requests

parent 47abe4c1
......@@ -4296,7 +4296,20 @@ nta_incoming_t *incoming_create(nta_agent_t *agent,
irq->irq_call_id = sip_call_id_copy(home, sip->sip_call_id);
irq->irq_cseq = sip_cseq_copy(home, sip->sip_cseq);
irq->irq_via = sip_via_copy(home, sip->sip_via);
irq->irq_record_route = sip_record_route_copy(home, sip->sip_record_route);
switch (method) {
case sip_method_ack:
case sip_method_cancel:
case sip_method_bye:
case sip_method_options:
case sip_method_register: /* Handling Path is up to application */
case sip_method_info:
case sip_method_prack:
case sip_method_publish:
irq->irq_record_route =
sip_record_route_copy(home, sip->sip_record_route);
irq->irq_branch = irq->irq_via->v_branch;
irq->irq_reliable_tp = tport_is_reliable(tport);
......@@ -5317,8 +5330,7 @@ int nta_incoming_complete_response(nta_incoming_t *irq,
if (!sip->sip_via)
clone = 1, sip->sip_via = sip_via_copy(home, irq->irq_via);
if (status < 300 &&
!sip->sip_record_route && irq->irq_record_route &&
sip->sip_cseq && sip->sip_cseq->cs_method != sip_method_register)
!sip->sip_record_route && irq->irq_record_route)
sip_add_dup(msg, sip, (sip_header_t *)irq->irq_record_route);
if (clone)
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