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Sync of darcs and CVS.

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2006-01-03 Pekka Pessi <>
Syncinc darcs and CVS.
* Added more tests for call hold.
* Using msg_header_replace_param() in nua_stack.c.
* Using ss_retry_after in nea.c.
* Marking two single headers in a message as fatal error.
* Made headers C++-safe (bug #1376379).
* Removed dead #include files
* Removed Last modified things.
* Removed msg_bnf.h
Do not use rport with TCP by default.
* Added test for comp=sigcomp.
The comp=sigcomp should not be included if destination does not support
Modernized parameter handling, too.
* Documented TP_AI_ flags.
Test our TP_AI_ assumptions.
Added a test for asymmetric SigComp on TCP.
We use TP_AI_COMPRESSED flag in this test.
* Added TPTAG_FRESH() and a test for it.
* Augmented documentation for SIPTAG_HEADER_STR().
* Use #include <stdio.h> for FILE.
* Fixed include_sofiadir handling in pkg-config and rpm files.
2005-12-27 Martti Mela <
* stun minor update
* first working version of STUN transaction engine
* stun transaction engine, first impressions
2005-12-23 Pekka Pessi <>
Syncing darcs and CVS.
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