Commit b60dbee3 authored by Kai Vehmanen's avatar Kai Vehmanen
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Warn users that NUTAG_IDENTITY is not yet implemented.

parent b9fc4bd7
......@@ -1157,7 +1157,7 @@ SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t nutag_handle;
#define NUTAG_HANDLE_REF(x) nutag_handle_ref, nutag_handle_vr(&(x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t nutag_handle_ref;
/** Registration handle (used with requests and nua_respond())
/** Registration handle (used with requests and nua_respond()) (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)
* When a new request is made or new call is responded, a new identity can
* be selected with NUTAG_IDENTITY(). The identity comprises of @b From
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