Commit bad1ec3d authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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nua: updated incoming REGISTER to use nua_server_request().

parent b3929541
......@@ -59,14 +59,10 @@ int nua_stack_process_register(nua_t *nua,
nta_incoming_t *irq,
sip_t const *sip)
if (nh == NULL)
if (!(nh = nua_stack_incoming_handle(nua, irq, sip, 0)))
return 500; /* Respond with 500 Internal Server Error */
nua_server_request_t *sr, sr0[1];
nh->nh_registrar = irq;
sr = nua_server_request(nua, nh, irq, sip, SR_INIT(sr0), sizeof *sr,
nua_default_respond, nua_i_register, 0);
nua_stack_event(nh->nh_nua, nh, nta_incoming_getrequest(irq),
nua_i_register, SIP_100_TRYING, TAG_END());
return 0;
return nua_stack_server_event(nua, sr, TAG_END());
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