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RELEASE: updated

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......@@ -5,8 +5,13 @@ Release notes for current version of Sofia-SIP
Changes since last release
<changes since last written in "Changes:" style;
and in less than 10 lines />
The nua API now supports arbitratry SIP methods.
There is now also reactive mode of handing subscriptions in nua, using
On Linux systems, the sockets are handled with epoll allowing large number
of concurrent connections, like 100 000 or more.
Severe bug in STUN functionality was fixed.
......@@ -88,21 +93,14 @@ nua_i_subscribe()/nua_respond()/nua_notify()/nua_i_publish().
The nua can be used as a registrar with nua_i_register/nua_respond().
<information about major new features
- new/changed/removed functionality
- links to further documentation
- section may be omitted for minor releases
The nua allows handling of SIP extension methods using
nua_method()/nua_r_method/nua_i_method and NUTAG_ALLOW().
Bugs fixed in this release
< notable bugs fixed in this release
- check the bug tracker; see closed bugs,
sorted by closing date
- other bugs as fixed in CVS/darcs
- Outbound now ignores Via rport parameter without value.
Thanks for Anthony Minessale for reporting this bug.
- Subsite handling in nth was fixed.
- Outbound was confused by IPv6 addresses in the Via header.
Thanks for Marc Blanchet from Viagenie for reporting the bug.
......@@ -123,4 +121,3 @@ Bugs fixed in this release
- Fixed tl_find_last().
- Fixed bug parsing malformed Refer-To or Referred-By headers. Thanks for
Anthony Minessale for reporting this.
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