Commit c8b2216e authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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sres_sip.c: log AAAA records correctly

MeeGo Coverity issued CID#11730
parent 1b976e9a
......@@ -904,7 +904,7 @@ sres_sip_log_answers(sres_sip_t *srs,
SU_DEBUG_5(("srs(%p): %s IN CNAME %s\n", (void *)srs, domain, cname));
else if (type == sres_type_cname) {
else if (type == sres_type_aaaa) {
sres_aaaa_record_t const *aaaa = sr->sr_aaaa;
su_inet_ntop(AF_INET6, &aaaa->aaaa_addr, addr, sizeof(addr));
SU_DEBUG_5(("srs(%p): %s IN AAAA %s\n", (void *)srs, domain, addr));
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