Commit cbe069ee authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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Fixed blunder in error record creation.

sres_create_error_rr() in in sres.c.

parent 0769d436
......@@ -2852,9 +2852,11 @@ sres_create_error_rr(sres_resolver_t *res,
uint16_t errcode)
sres_record_t *sr;
char name[SRES_MAXDNAME];
char buf[SRES_MAXDNAME];
char const *name;
if (!sres_toplevel(name, sizeof name, q->q_name))
name = sres_toplevel(buf, sizeof buf, q->q_name);
if (!name)
return NULL;
sr = sres_cache_alloc_record(res->res_cache, name, strlen(name), q->q_type, 0);
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