Commit cd04340f authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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64-bit fixes for printf() arguments.

parent 9733f2c5
......@@ -520,8 +520,10 @@ void he_recv_message(nth_engine_t * he,
tpn = tport_name(tport);
if (msg_size(msg))
SU_DEBUG_3(("nth client: received extra data (%u bytes) from %s/%s:%s\n",
msg_size(msg), tpn->tpn_proto, tpn->tpn_host, tpn->tpn_port));
SU_DEBUG_3(("nth client: received extra data ("MOD_ZU" bytes) "
"from %s/%s:%s\n",
tpn->tpn_proto, tpn->tpn_host, tpn->tpn_port));
SU_DEBUG_3(("nth client: received extra data from %s/%s:%s\n",
tpn->tpn_proto, tpn->tpn_host, tpn->tpn_port));
......@@ -294,7 +294,7 @@ int outbound_set_options(outbound_t *ob,
else if (MATCH(use-upnp) || MATCH(use_upnp)) prefs->use_upnp = value;
else if (MATCH(use-stun) || MATCH(use_stun)) prefs->use_stun = value;
SU_DEBUG_1(("outbound_t: unknown option \"%.*s\"\n", len, s));
SU_DEBUG_1(("outbound_t: unknown option \"%.*s\"\n", (int)len, s));
s += len;
len = strspn(s, " \t\n\r,;");
......@@ -469,7 +469,8 @@ void report_memstats(char const *title, su_home_stat_t const hs[1])
(ull)hs->hs_frees.hsf_number, (ull)hs->hs_frees.hsf_bytes,
if (hs->hs_rehash || hs->hs_clones)
printf("\t%d rehashes, %d clones\n", hs->hs_rehash, hs->hs_clones);
printf("\t"LLU" rehashes, "LLU" clones\n",
(ull)hs->hs_rehash, (ull)hs->hs_clones);
void memstats(msg_t *msg, uint32_t msize, context_t *ctx)
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