Commit d4350e3d authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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nua: process response to CANCEL sent by nua_bye() with process_response_to_cancel()

This is a patch submitted by Colin Whittaker.

parent 542bf8ba
......@@ -2986,7 +2986,7 @@ nua_stack_bye(nua_t *nua, nua_handle_t *nh, nua_event_t e, tagi_t const *tags)
/* No (early) dialog. BYE is invalid action, do CANCEL instead */
orq = nta_outgoing_tcancel(cri->cr_orq,
process_response_to_bye, nh,
process_response_to_cancel, nh,
if (!cr->cr_orq)
cr->cr_orq = orq, cr->cr_event = e;
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