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Release notes for current version of Sofia-SIP
Release notes for of Sofia-SIP 1.12.4
Changes since last release
Changes since release 1.12.3
On Linux systems, the sockets are handled with epoll allowing large number
of concurrent connections, like 100 000 or more.
......@@ -20,16 +20,7 @@ Severe bug in STUN functionality was fixed.
API/ABI changes and versioning
<see previous release notes at for examples ;
- should include all changes to public headers, and
other important information to developers;
- and should be updated _continuously_! />
**template**: New features in API are marked with Doxytag macro @VERSION_1_XX_X.
- **template**: Added foobar() function (sofia-sip/foobar.h).
- Added host_cmp() for comparing host names or IP addresses in numeric
- Added auth_mod_name() to <sofia-sip/auth_module.c>
......@@ -80,16 +71,6 @@ Contributors to this release
- Steve Underwood contributed code detecting RED and UDPTL used for T.38 in
<list of people who contributed to _this_ release
- update as people's patches are added, or when you commit stuff
- current development team members (see AUTHORS) may be omitted
- name of the contributor should be enough (email addresses in AUTHORS),
plus a brief description of what was contributed
- roughly sorted by number of patches accepted
- **template**: First Surname (patch to nua/soa/msg)
See the AUTHORS file in the distribution package.
Notes on new features
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ dnl information on the package
dnl ---------------------------
dnl update both the version for AC_INIT and the LIBSOFIA_SIP_UA_MAJOR_MINOR
AC_INIT([sofia-sip], [1.12.3work2])
AC_INIT([sofia-sip], [1.12.4])
dnl Includedir specific to this sofia version
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