Commit d8d1ce4d authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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sdp/sdp.c: clarify sdp_rtpmap_find_matching functionality

parent 93ccbc12
......@@ -1866,10 +1866,14 @@ int sdp_rtpmap_match(sdp_rtpmap_t const *a, sdp_rtpmap_t const *b)
return 1;
/** Search for matching rtpmap from list.
/** Search for matching a rtpmap entry from list.
* @note
* The a=fmtp: for the codecs are not compared.
* @return
* Pointer to first sdp_rtpmap_t entry on the @a list matching with any
* sdp_rtpmap_t entry on @a rm.
sdp_rtpmap_t *sdp_rtpmap_find_matching(sdp_rtpmap_t const *list,
sdp_rtpmap_t const *rm)
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