Commit dba0c9c4 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi

Fixed rejection of subscriptions in nea server.

Event server does not send extra NOTIFY before 403 response anymore.

parent 1a639f61
......@@ -1923,7 +1923,7 @@ int nea_sub_process_subscribe(nea_sub_t *s,
if (s->s_state == nea_embryonic)
nea_sub_auth(s, nea_pending, NEATAG_FAKE(1), TAG_END());
if (s->s_updated != evv->evv_updated)
if (s->s_updated != evv->evv_updated && !(irq && s->s_rejected))
nea_sub_notify(nes, s, now, TAG_END());
if (irq) {
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