Commit e31941e6 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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s2base: removed s2_setup_logs()

Ignore-this: ea4848902b3be9c966b4f7e114f2a5b6

parent 771cc3a4
......@@ -135,26 +135,6 @@ void s2_case(char const *number,
printf("%s - starting %s/%s-%s\n", s2_tester, _s2_suite, _s2_case, title);
SOFIAPUBVAR su_log_t nua_log[];
SOFIAPUBVAR su_log_t soa_log[];
SOFIAPUBVAR su_log_t nea_log[];
SOFIAPUBVAR su_log_t nta_log[];
SOFIAPUBVAR su_log_t tport_log[];
SOFIAPUBVAR su_log_t su_log_default[];
s2_setup_logs(int level)
su_log_soft_set_level(nua_log, level);
su_log_soft_set_level(soa_log, level);
su_log_soft_set_level(su_log_default, level);
su_log_soft_set_level(nea_log, level);
su_log_soft_set_level(nta_log, level);
su_log_soft_set_level(tport_log, level);
void s2_step(void)
su_root_step(s2base->root, 10);
......@@ -40,8 +40,6 @@ extern int s2_start_stop;
void s2_suite(char const *label);
void s2_setup(char const *label);
void s2_setup_logs(int level);
void s2_step(void);
void s2_case(char const *tag,
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