Commit ffd1ce76 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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Marking two single headers in a message as fatal error.

parent 673141ed
......@@ -2269,10 +2269,13 @@ append_parsed(msg_t *msg, msg_pub_t *mo, msg_header_t **hh, msg_header_t *h,
if (msg->m_chain || always_into_chain)
msg_insert_here_in_chain(msg, msg_chain_tail(msg), h);
if (*hh && msg_is_single(h))
if (*hh && msg_is_single(h)) {
/* If there is multiple instances of single headers,
put the extra headers into the list of erroneous headers */
hh = (msg_header_t**)&mo->msg_error;
/* Flag this as fatal error */
mo->msg_flags |= MSG_FLG_ERROR;
while (*hh)
hh = &(*hh)->sh_next;
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