1. 24 Aug, 2007 1 commit
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      nta: added option for processing orphan responses matching with a dialog · 9676a147
      Pekka Pessi authored
      The orphan responses matching with the dialog can now be processed by the
      response callback.The dialog leg can be created with
      NTATAG_RESPONSE_CALLBACK() or a response callback can be later bound to the
      leg with nta_leg_bind_response().
      This is practically useful only with 200 OK responses to the INVITE that are
      retransmitted by the UAS. By default, the retransmission are catched by the
      ACK transaction (which then retransmits the ACK request message). However,
      after ACK transaction times out, the retransmitted 200 OK indicates most
      probably that the ACK request messages do not reach UAS.
      Partially fixes the sf.net bug #1750691 reported by Mikhail Zabaluev.
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      Updated PRACK and nta_outgoing_prack(). · ec341de4
      Pekka Pessi authored
      nta_outgoing_prack() accepts now RSeq sequence numbers in NTATAG_RSEQ().
      When PRACK is sent using nta_outgoing_tmcreate(), there is functions
      nta_outgoing_setrseq() and nta_outgoing_rseq() for updating the rseq number
      within transaction.
  11. 14 Feb, 2006 1 commit
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      Moved public include files to sofia-sip subdirectories. · 41286754
      Pekka Pessi authored
      All public include files installed in ${sofiadir} are now in sofia-sip
      subdirectories. They are installed to ${sofiadir}/sofia-sip, too.
      ${sofiadir} is defined by configure script relative to your ${prefix}, by
      default ${sofidir} is ${prefix}/include/sofia-sip-1.11. The default prefix
      is /usr/local and ${sofiadir} is /usr/local/include/sofia-sip-1.11. When
      using package manager, the ${prefix} is usually /usr and ${sofiadir} is
      The public include files should be referenced using sofia-sip path, e.g.,
      You can either fix your applications to use the new include file names
      with the fix-include-sofia-sip sed script found in scripts/ directory, or
      add both ${sofiadir} and ${sofiadir}/sofia-sip into your include path,
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      Added NTATAG_TCP_RPORT(). · a139cff4
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      Do not use rport with TCP by default.
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      pessi-darcs-0 · 2cda1e3f
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