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    Solaris/SUNWspro patches. · 7a7e4e16
    Pekka Pessi authored
    - Autoconf now checks for support of %zu and %llu
    - Autoconf disables the E_BAD_PTR_INT_COMBINATION warning on SUNWspro
    - Fixed inline support:
      - SU_INLINE and SU_HAVE_INLINE macros defined correctly if compiler does
        not support inline
      - Using su_inline in public headers
      - Added normally inlined functions to library
      - Added some inlined functions as macros
    - Using explicit signedness with bit fields
      - (The bitfields in soa_session.h should go away, but...)
    - Fixed warnings in nta.c
    - Defining missing SOL_SCTP in tport_type_sctp.c
    Michael Jerris sent patch for some of the changes mentioned above.
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