Commit 04dc9952 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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Fixed ua_set_params(), added SIPTAG_FROM_STR() to ua_get_params().

parent 09655c43
......@@ -881,29 +881,29 @@ void ua_set_params(nua_t *nua, nua_handle_t *nh, nua_event_t e,
su_home_t tmphome[1] = { SU_HOME_INIT(tmphome) };
int retry_count = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, retry_count);
int max_subscriptions = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, max_subscriptions);
int invite_enable = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, invite_enable);
int auto_alert = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, auto_alert);
int early_media = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, early_media);
int auto_answer = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, auto_answer);
int auto_ack = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, auto_ack);
int invite_timeout = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, invite_timeout);
int session_timer = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, session_timer);
int min_se = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, min_se);
int refresher = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, refresher);
int update_refresh = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, update_refresh);
int message_enable = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, message_enable);
int win_messenger_enable = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, win_messenger_enable);
int message_auto_respond = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, message_auto_respond);
int callee_caps = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, callee_caps);
int media_features = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, media_features);
int service_route_enable = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, service_route_enable);
int path_enable = NHP_GET(nhp, dnhp, path_enable);
int retry_count = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, retry_count);
int max_subscriptions = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, max_subscriptions);
int invite_enable = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, invite_enable);
int auto_alert = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, auto_alert);
int early_media = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, early_media);
int auto_answer = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, auto_answer);
int auto_ack = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, auto_ack);
int invite_timeout = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, invite_timeout);
int session_timer = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, session_timer);
int min_se = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, min_se);
int refresher = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, refresher);
int update_refresh = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, update_refresh);
int message_enable = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, message_enable);
int win_messenger_enable = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, win_messenger_enable);
int message_auto_respond = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, message_auto_respond);
int callee_caps = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, callee_caps);
int media_features = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, media_features);
int service_route_enable = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, service_route_enable);
int path_enable = NHP_GET(ohp, dnhp, path_enable);
sip_allow_t const *allow = NONE;
char const *allow_str = NONE;
......@@ -1208,6 +1208,10 @@ ua_get_params(nua_t *nua, nua_handle_t *nh, nua_event_t e, tagi_t const *tags)
lst = tl_filtered_tlist
(tmphome, tags,
TAG_IF(has_from, SIPTAG_FROM(from)),
? sip_header_as_string(tmphome, (void *)from)
: NULL)),
TIF(NUTAG_RETRY_COUNT, retry_count),
TIF(NUTAG_MAX_SUBSCRIPTIONS, max_subscriptions),
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