Commit 11fbd979 authored by Mikhail Zabaluev's avatar Mikhail Zabaluev Committed by Pekka Pessi

nua: stop further OPTIONS keepalives after one times out

Note that we only stop after a plain keepalive probe (non-validating)
times out. When a registration probe times out, the stack can still
perform keepalives and these may get a response, because their routing
is different due to Max-Forwards: 0.
parent b59355c5
......@@ -986,6 +986,7 @@ static int process_response_to_keepalive_options(outbound_t *ob,
else if (status == 408) {
SU_DEBUG_3(("outbound(%p): keepalive timeout\n", (void *)ob->ob_owner));
ob->ob_oo->oo_keepalive_error(ob->ob_owner, ob, status, phrase, TAG_END());
return 0;
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