Commit 25a9c058 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi


parent cd6cc9c6
......@@ -32,6 +32,11 @@ libsofia-sip-ua:
- Added NUTAG_ACCEPT_MULTIPART() tag (sofia-sip/nua_tag.h).
- Added NUTAG_MAX_RETRY_AFTER() tag (sofia-sip/nua_tag.h)
- Added NUTAG_APPL_EVENT() tag (sofia-sip/nua_tag.h)
- Added NUTAG_DEFERRABLE_TIMERS() tag (sofia-sip/nua_tag.h).
- Added typedef su_time64_t and functions su_now64(), su_stamp64(),
su_time64_to_time(), su_time_to_time64(), su_time64_add(), and
su_duration64() (sofia-sip/su_time.h).
- Added su_root_stamp64() and su_root_stamp64_offset() (sofia-sip/su_wait.h).
- This release is ABI/API compatible with applications linked against
any 1.12.x release. However, applications built against this release won't
work against an older library. The ABI has been tested with the nua module
......@@ -87,4 +92,6 @@ Bugs fixed in this release
- Incorporated fixes for multiple issues from Freeswitch.
- MeeGo bug #15577: msg_addr_zero confuses sizeof pointer for sizeof *pointer
- MeeGo bug #15573: su_task_init use of sizeof typedef causes analysis tool
to fret (reports by timeless)
\ No newline at end of file
to fret (reports by timeless)
- Now using same Call-ID when retransmitting authenticated requests by NUA
(report by Olivier Deme)
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