Commit 2a922022 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY

Apply patch for nta msg ackbye.

parent 734d6768
......@@ -3784,7 +3784,7 @@ int nta_msg_ackbye(nta_agent_t *agent, msg_t *msg)
home = msg_home(bmsg);
if (!(cseq = sip_cseq_create(home, 0x7fffffff, SIP_METHOD_BYE)))
if (!(cseq = sip_cseq_create(home, sip->sip_cseq->cs_seq+1, SIP_METHOD_BYE)))
goto err;
msg_header_insert(bmsg, (msg_pub_t *)bsip, (msg_header_t *)cseq);
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