Commit 373e76e9 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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change nta_msg_ackbye() behavior

parent fe31c23d
......@@ -3750,7 +3750,14 @@ int nta_msg_ackbye(nta_agent_t *agent, msg_t *msg)
} else {
ruri = (url_string_t const *)sip->sip_to->a_url;
/*SM: I commented out the following code supposed to manage routes.
* Indeed when the proxy is in the middle of the message's path, only part of the
* record-routes are relevant to make a Route header.
* It is actually to complicated to guess here which part of Record-Route corresponds to
* proxies between us and the target user-agent.
* The code below can only work if nta_msg_ackbye() is invoked at the UA that created the call.
* Once, removed nta_msg_ackbye() can only work when invoked by the last proxy (typically the forking proxy)*/
#if 0
/* Reverse (and fix) record route */
route = sip_route_reverse(home, sip->sip_record_route);
......@@ -3768,6 +3775,7 @@ int nta_msg_ackbye(nta_agent_t *agent, msg_t *msg)
msg_header_insert(amsg, (msg_pub_t *)asip, (msg_header_t *)route);
bmsg = msg_copy(amsg); bsip = sip_object(bmsg);
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