Commit 3a094de6 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi

nta: do not free transaction in reliable_timeout() if caused by failure to send final response

Ignore-this: 8e32f83925b6f2a3629afbb8b20ba693

Issue detected by Coverity.

parent febe2cde
......@@ -10994,10 +10994,12 @@ void reliable_timeout(nta_incoming_t *irq, int timeout)
irq->irq_in_callback = 0;
if (!timeout)
if (irq->irq_completed && irq->irq_destroyed)
incoming_free(irq), irq = NULL;
if (timeout && irq && irq->irq_status < 200)
else if (irq->irq_status < 200)
nta_incoming_treply(irq, 503, "Reliable Response Time-Out", TAG_END());
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