Commit 4cdff9aa authored by Guillaume Beraudo's avatar Guillaume Beraudo

Fix compilation without async resolver.

parent f4e9fb6e
......@@ -7694,7 +7694,9 @@ nta_outgoing_t *outgoing_create(nta_agent_t *agent,
char const *tp_ident;
int delay_sending = 0, sigcomp_zap = 0;
int pass_100 = agent->sa_pass_100, use_timestamp = agent->sa_timestamp;
enum nta_res_order_e res_order = agent->sa_res_order;
struct sigcomp_compartment *cc = NULL;
ta_list ta;
char const *scheme = NULL;
......@@ -7706,10 +7708,12 @@ nta_outgoing_t *outgoing_create(nta_agent_t *agent,
tagi_t const *t;
tport_t *override_tport = NULL;
if (!agent->sa_tport_ip6)
res_order = nta_res_ip4_only;
else if (!agent->sa_tport_ip4)
res_order = nta_res_ip6_only;
if (!callback)
callback = outgoing_default_cb;
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