Commit 500d506a authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi

nta: consider route as set if it is included when creating a leg

Ignore-this: a9bc5471a9da03df6bba4d240404c0af

parent a9d819a8
......@@ -4134,7 +4134,7 @@ nta_leg_t *nta_leg_tcreate(nta_agent_t *agent,
leg->leg_remote = sip_from_make(home, to_str);
if (route && route != NONE)
leg->leg_route = sip_route_dup(home, route);
leg->leg_route = sip_route_dup(home, route), leg->leg_route_set = 1;
if (contact && contact != NONE) {
sip_contact_t m[1];
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