Commit 6a1e06d4 authored by Mikhail Zabaluev's avatar Mikhail Zabaluev
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sresolv/sres.c: a comment to clarify code

Ignore-this: bfb2df4876a21ade982b745187efd145

parent 4cd6c9f5
......@@ -3606,7 +3606,9 @@ sres_decode_msg(sres_resolver_t *res,
if ((m->m_flags & 15) == SRES_FORMAT_ERR && query->q_edns)
return SRES_EDNS0_ERR;
/* Scan question section */
/* Scan question section.
* XXX: never mind the useless result values, this is done
* for the side effects in m */
for (i = 0; i < m->m_qdcount; i++) {
char name[1024];
uint16_t qtype, qclass;
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