Commit 70af5fbd authored by Mikhail Zabaluev's avatar Mikhail Zabaluev

Added a comment about suspicious timeout calculation code

Re-recorded 20090114075910-5b6ca-937bfb6744b27f097fdb539a9a8485bd153e0238

parent aebf2e29
......@@ -456,6 +456,7 @@ su_duration_t su_base_port_step(su_port_t *self, su_duration_t tout)
if (self->sup_timers)
su_timer_expire(&self->sup_timers, &tout, now);
/* XXX: why isn't the timeout ignored here? */
if (self->sup_deferrable)
su_timer_expire(&self->sup_deferrable, &tout, now);
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