Commit 7fe6cb69 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi

tport.c: log real transport name by tport_vsend()

parent 65888ec0
......@@ -3490,10 +3490,10 @@ ssize_t tport_vsend(tport_t *self,
if (tpn == NULL || tport_is_connection_oriented(self))
tpn = self->tp_name;
SU_DEBUG_7(("%s(%p): "MOD_ZU" bytes of "MOD_ZU" to %s/%s:%s%s\n",
"tport_vsend", (void *)self, n, m, tpn->tpn_proto, tpn->tpn_host,
SU_DEBUG_7(("%s(%p): "MOD_ZU" bytes of "MOD_ZU" to %s/%s:%s%s\n",
"tport_vsend", (void *)self, n, m,
self->tp_name->tpn_proto, tpn->tpn_host, tpn->tpn_port,
(ai->ai_flags & TP_AI_COMPRESSED) ? ";comp=sigcomp" : ""));
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