Commit 8b8ed6b3 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi

nta_tag.h, nta_tag.c: added NTATAG_TIMER_C()

parent 410588a8
......@@ -76,6 +76,7 @@ tag_typedef_t ntatag_sip_t1x64 = UINTTAG_TYPEDEF(sip_t1x64);
tag_typedef_t ntatag_sip_t2 = UINTTAG_TYPEDEF(sip_t2);
tag_typedef_t ntatag_sip_t4 = UINTTAG_TYPEDEF(sip_t4);
tag_typedef_t ntatag_progress = UINTTAG_TYPEDEF(progress);
tag_typedef_t ntatag_timer_c = UINTTAG_TYPEDEF(timer_c);
tag_typedef_t ntatag_blacklist = UINTTAG_TYPEDEF(blacklist);
tag_typedef_t ntatag_debug_drop_prob = UINTTAG_TYPEDEF(debug_drop_prob);
......@@ -494,6 +494,39 @@ NTA_DLL extern tag_typedef_t ntatag_progress;
NTA_DLL extern tag_typedef_t ntatag_progress_ref;
#define NTATAG_PROGRESS_REF(x) ntatag_progress_ref, tag_uint_vr(&(x))
NTA_DLL extern tag_typedef_t ntatag_timer_c;
/** Value for timer C in milliseconds. @HI
* By default the INVITE transaction will not timeout after a preliminary
* response has been received. However, an intermediate proxy can timeout
* the transaction using timer C. Timer C is reset every time a response
* belonging to the transaction is received.
* The default value for the timer C is 185000 milliseconds (3 minutes and 5
* seconds). By default, timer C is not run on user agents (if NTATAG_UA(1)
* without NTATAG_TIMER_C() is fgiven).
* @par Used with
* nua_create() \n
* nta_agent_create() \n
* nta_agent_set_params() \n
* @par Parameter type
* unsigned int
* @par Values
* Value of SIP timer C in milliseconds. The default value is used
* instead if NTATAG_TIMER_C(0) is given.
* @sa @RFC3261 sections, 16.7 and 16.8,
#define NTATAG_TIMER_C(x) ntatag_timer_c, tag_uint_v((x))
NTA_DLL extern tag_typedef_t ntatag_timer_c_ref;
#define NTATAG_TIMER_C_REF(x) ntatag_timer_c_ref, tag_uint_vr(&(x))
NTA_DLL extern tag_typedef_t ntatag_blacklist;
/** Add Retry-After header to internally-generated error messages. @HI
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