Commit 9e9cbbc4 authored by Luchko Vladimir's avatar Luchko Vladimir Committed by Pekka Pessi

msg: fix msgobjtag_dup()

parent 23300e8c
......@@ -251,10 +251,10 @@ tagi_t *msgobjtag_dup(tagi_t *dst, tagi_t const *src, void **bb)
mo->msg_size = omo->msg_size;
mo->msg_flags = omo->msg_flags;
if (mo->msg_request)
o = mo->msg_request;
if (omo->msg_request)
o = omo->msg_request;
o = mo->msg_status;
o = omo->msg_status;
for (; o; o = o->sh_succ) {
size_t size;
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