Commit ad8ed0b3 authored by Martti Mela's avatar Martti Mela

added open_c/build_sources.cmd

parent c2f893d9
:: Build sources on win32 for Open C
@if x%AWK%==x set AWK=mawk
@set CHECK=@IF errorlevel 1 GOTO failed
:: Check that we really have awk
@%AWK% "{ exit(0); }" < NUL >NUL
@if not errorlevel 9009 goto have_awk
@echo *** install %AWK% (mawk or GNU awk) into your PATH ***
@echo *** see ***
@goto failed
@set MSG_AWK=%AWK% -v BINMODE=rw -f ../libsofia-sip-ua/msg/msg_parser.awk
:: in Win32 exit 0; from gawk 3.1.3 gets converted to errorlevel 1
:: If you have gawk 3.1.3 uncomment the following line
:: @set MSG_AWK=%AWK% -v BINMODE=rw -f ../libsofia-sip-ua/msg/msg_parser.awk success=-1
@set TAG_AWK=%AWK% -f ../libsofia-sip-ua/su/tag_dll.awk BINMODE=rw
@set IN=../libsofia-sip-ua/msg/test_class.h
@set PR=../libsofia-sip-ua/msg/test_protos.h
@set PT=../libsofia-sip-ua/msg/test_table.c
%MSG_AWK% module=msg_test NO_MIDDLE=1 NO_LAST=1 ^
PR=%PR% %IN% < NUL
%MSG_AWK% module=msg_test prefix=msg MC_HASH_SIZE=127 multipart=msg_multipart ^
PT=%PT% %IN% < NUL
@set IN=../libsofia-sip-ua/msg/sofia-sip/msg_mime.h
@set PR=../libsofia-sip-ua/msg/sofia-sip/msg_protos.h
@set PR2=../libsofia-sip-ua/msg/sofia-sip/msg_mime_protos.h
@set PT=../libsofia-sip-ua/msg/msg_mime_table.c
%MSG_AWK% module=msg NO_FIRST=1 NO_MIDDLE=1 PR=%PR% %IN% < NUL
%MSG_AWK% module=msg NO_FIRST=1 NO_LAST=1 PR=%PR2% %IN% < NUL
%MSG_AWK% module=msg_multipart tprefix=msg prefix=mp MC_HASH_SIZE=127 ^
PT=%PT% %IN% < NUL
@set IN=../libsofia-sip-ua/sip/sofia-sip/sip.h
@set PR=../libsofia-sip-ua/sip/sip_tag.c
@set PR2=../libsofia-sip-ua/sip/sofia-sip/sip_hclasses.h
@set PR3=../libsofia-sip-ua/sip/sofia-sip/sip_protos.h
@set PR4=../libsofia-sip-ua/sip/sofia-sip/sip_tag.h
@set PR5=../libsofia-sip-ua/sip/sofia-sip/sip_extra.h
@set SIPEXTRA=../libsofia-sip-ua/sip/sip_extra_headers.txt
@set PT=../libsofia-sip-ua/sip/sip_parser_table.c
%MSG_AWK% module=sip PR=%PR% %IN% < NUL
%MSG_AWK% module=sip PR=%PR2% %IN% < NUL
%MSG_AWK% module=sip PR=%PR3% %IN% < NUL
%MSG_AWK% module=sip PR=%PR4% %IN% < NUL
%MSG_AWK% module=sip MC_HASH_SIZE=127 MC_SHORT_SIZE=26 ^
FLAGFILE=../libsofia-sip-ua/sip/sip_bad_mask ^
PT=%PT% %IN% < NUL
@set IN=../libsofia-sip-ua/http/sofia-sip/http.h
@set PR=../libsofia-sip-ua/http/http_tag.c
@set PR2=../libsofia-sip-ua/http/sofia-sip/http_protos.h
@set PR3=../libsofia-sip-ua/http/sofia-sip/http_tag.h
@set PT=../libsofia-sip-ua/http/http_parser_table.c
%MSG_AWK% module=http PR=%PR% %IN% < NUL
%MSG_AWK% module=http PR=%PR2% %IN% < NUL
%MSG_AWK% module=http PR=%PR3% %IN% < NUL
%MSG_AWK% module=http MC_HASH_SIZE=127 PT=%PT% %IN% < NUL
@set P=../libsofia-sip-ua
%TAG_AWK% NO_DLL=1 %P%/http/http_tag.c < NUL
%TAG_AWK% NO_DLL=1 %P%/iptsec/auth_tag.c < NUL
%TAG_AWK% NO_DLL=1 %P%/msg/msg_tag.c < NUL
%TAG_AWK% NO_DLL=1 %P%/nea/nea_tag.c < NUL
%TAG_AWK% NO_DLL=1 LIST=nta_tag_list %P%/nta/nta_tag.c < NUL
%TAG_AWK% NO_DLL=1 %P%/nth/nth_tag.c < NUL
%TAG_AWK% NO_DLL=1 LIST=nua_tag_list %P%/nua/nua_tag.c < NUL
%TAG_AWK% NO_DLL=1 %P%/sdp/sdp_tag.c < NUL
%TAG_AWK% NO_DLL=1 %P%/sip/sip_tag.c < NUL
%TAG_AWK% NO_DLL=1 LIST=soa_tag_list %P%/soa/soa_tag.c < NUL
%TAG_AWK% NO_DLL=1 LIST=stun_tag_list %P%/stun/stun_tag.c < NUL
%TAG_AWK% NO_DLL=1 %P%/tport/tport_tag.c < NUL
%TAG_AWK% NO_DLL=1 %P%/url/url_tag.c < NUL
@GOTO end
@ECHO *** FAILED ***
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