Commit baadadb0 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi

msg_mime.c: fixed klocwork issues

parent 66b18aa4
......@@ -1871,8 +1871,10 @@ char *msg_content_type_dup_one(msg_header_t *dst, msg_header_t const *src,
b = msg_params_dup(&c->c_params, o->c_params, b, xtra);
MSG_STRING_DUP(b, c->c_type, o->c_type);
c->c_subtype = strchr(c->c_type, '/');
c->c_subtype = c->c_type ? strchr(c->c_type, '/') : NULL;
if (c->c_subtype)
assert(b <= end); (void)end;
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