Commit c317660b authored by Martti Mela's avatar Martti Mela

Changelogs prepared for release

parent 266740e7
2006-01-17 Martti Mela <>
* msg_mime.c: defines for Mac OS X (which are lacking EBADMSG).
2005-11-08 Pekka Pessi <>
* Renamed msg_test.c as test_msg.c.
2006-01-17 Martti Mela <>
* if no EPROTO is found in OS X, redefine to EPROTOTYPE
M ./libsofia-sip-ua/soa/soa.c +8
2005-10-17 Pekka Pessi <>
* Restore version numbers after our offer is rejected.
2006-01-17 Martti Mela <>
* stun.c: tls callback now fails if connect() fails. Random
2006-01-15 Martti Mela <>
* stun.c: bug fixes in get NAT type.
2006-01-17 Martti Mela <>
* su_localinfo.c: su_getlocalinfo() works now on OS X
* su_memmem.c: malloc fetched from different header file in OS X
* su_config.h: reference to su_configure_win32.h removed.
M ./libsofia-sip-ua/su/su_localinfo.c -8 +97
2006-01-13 Martti Mela <>
* su_wait.h: Added su_wait_socket(). (it returns associated fd)
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