Commit e93974dd authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi

test_nua: disable test_bye_after_receiving_401_to_update()

Stack is now trying harder to send the BYE.
parent c481bf00
......@@ -1317,6 +1317,11 @@ int test_bye_after_sending_401(struct context *ctx)
int test_bye_after_receiving_401_to_update(struct context *ctx)
* Stack behaviour has been changed so that a queued UPDATE does not
* prevent stack from sending BYE
struct endpoint *a = &ctx->a, *b = &ctx->b;
struct call *a_call = a->call, *b_call = b->call;
struct event *e;
......@@ -1387,6 +1392,7 @@ int test_bye_after_receiving_401_to_update(struct context *ctx)
if (print_headings)
printf("TEST NUA-6.4.2: PASSED\n");
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